Shopify; the Best Point Of Sale System for Small Businesses

 If you are running a small business, a point-of-sale (POS) system will allow you to accept payments from your customers as well as manage your business. With the right point-of-sale, you can manage employees, track inventory, manage sales, analyze data and improve your customer relationships. 

Point-of-sale systems for small businesses range in pricing from zero to $100 monthly. Our article below will explore the Shopify Point-of-sale system. We will let you know what we like and what we do not like about it.

Remember each business is unique and has specific needs.  Take your time to research the best POS for a business. Click here

What to Consider When Buying a Point-Of-Sale System

 There are certain factors you need to put into consideration when looking for a point-of-sale system.  These include:-

  • Support for transactions – Your POS system should support any of the transactions you carry out daily. It is important to ensure that you can access payments from credit and debit cards, checks, and cash, among others. Also, ensure that you can run barcode scanners and card readers.
  • Pricing – Take into account how much the package will cost you.  Also factor in the monthly cost for some of the integrations you may want to add onto your system.
  •  Is it easy to use?  look for an intuitive system so that you do not require training before you can put it to good use.
  •  Processing of payment –  consider whether it has a built-in payment processor, or do you have to go through a third-party provider.
  • Management of inventory – an excellent point-of-sale system should have this as a basic. You should only have to pay if you need a more advanced version.
  •  Customer service –  look for one that offers 24/7 customer service so that you get solutions to your problems, no matter what time of the day it is.
  •  Integrations – most POS systems come ready to use for the small business, but the more you scale, the more you may need to get more advanced functionalities. Your POS should allow you to add as many apps as you desire.

What Do People Say About Shopify POS?

Shopify is a robust e-commerce platform, and there are not too many complaints about the POS software. Some people have an issue with the fact that to enjoy some of the functionality; you have to go for the more expensive integrations. It will, therefore, push up the cost of having the system altogether. In the end, it may be a bit more expensive than what some of the competitors have on offer.

Many of the customers are fans of the user-friendly interface, and the platform continues to rank highly with regards to customer service. You can get a representative 24/7 in case you have any problems; not many other POS systems in the market offer this service. 

What you may not like is that you may have to hold for some time before you get a customer care representative on the line.  Sometimes the account may freeze, but this is not a problem that is unique to Shopify.

Shopify Point-Of-Sale

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that has some of the latest software available.  They do not disappoint with their point-of-sale system. You get support for multiple channels, and can, therefore, use it on social media, during events, or even at a physical store. 

 The software will work on both Android and iOS platforms, and you get features such as reporting and inventory management.

Pricing and Packages

The Shopify POS software is affordable, but you have the option of going for a more expensive version. The prices range from $9-$299 monthly.  As you would expect, if you take the lowest price point, you will only get access to certain features. You also have a stellar opportunity of using the integrated payment processor or choosing your merchant service provider.

Consider using Shopify payments so that your monthly rate becomes lower when you go for the more advanced packages. You have four packages to choose from namely Shopify Lite at $9, Shopify basic at $29, Shopify at $79 and advanced Shopify at $299.

Some of the features you will get with the most advanced package include advanced reporting, register shift, abandoned cart recovery, unlimited products, among others.


The Shopify POS system allows for integration from more than 1500 apps.  You can customize it for your business, but you need to be careful because it could attract higher monthly fees.

While it may be tempting to get all the apps because of what they promise to do, a small business does not need to have so many additions. Go through the apps and only pick what you need.

Sales Channels

The Shopify software allows you to incorporate the use of a card reader wherever you are selling. You get updates on your data in real-time, all your sales channels, and in Cloud. When you run out of stock, your customers will not see it online, or on the POS system. It will, therefore, alert you that you need to replenish the items.

 The multi-channel sales are available on all the packages.


The reporting feature is available on the Shopify and advanced Shopify packages only. When you’re selling on the online platform, the report will allow you to track trends, and work out the sales totals so you can plan.  You also get customer reports which will show you new and repeat customers.

Inventory Management

All the plans come with inventory management that’s allowing you to manage stock levels. You can arrange your products depending on the size, material, colour, price, among others.

Final Thoughts

A point-of-sale system is essential for the successful running of any business.  Whether you are on the online platform, or in a brick-and-mortar store, it will assist you with the running of your business. Pick a POS system that responds to your requirements so that you ease the headache associated with running your enterprise.