Self-Hosted vs Fully Hosted Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms: Which is Right for You

The enterprise ecommerce platforms have their own pros and cons! It is important to understand the differences between self-hosted and fully hosted platforms to decide what is best for your website!


So, you’ve decided to take your enterprise up to the next level? You’ve decided to allow your customers to shop your products online whenever they want. That is great for both your business and your customers.

One of the most important choices you’ll face is whether to use a self-hosted or fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platform.

A self-hosted ecommerce platform is when the company (you) is responsible for web hosting. You need to set up a web server and all of your data and store’s files would be maintained on the server.

Fully hosted ecommerce platform takes care of everything including web hosting, storing, and maintaining the store’s data and files in the cloud. The fully hosted ecommerce platforms are also known as SaaS products or Software-as-a-Service. Some of the best fully hosted ecommerce solutions are Shopify Plus and BigCommerce Enterprise, while the two most popular self-hosted platforms are Magento and WooCommerce.

The self-hosted enterprise ecommerce platforms are highly customizable. You can customize them 100%. The fully hosted platforms are cloud-based and users don’t get full access to everything. However, there are some great benefits you may enjoy. For example, Shopify Plus comes with an App Store with over 1500 applications that can extend and improve the functionality of the store. You can collect customer reviews, build a loyalty program, integrate email marketing, and etc.

If you decide to use the self-hosted platforms, you will be responsible for a lot of things and web hosting is just one of them. You will have to maintain the server, take care of updates, fix bugs and other issues, take care of website security, and etc. The difference between self-hosted and fully hosted platforms is that when using a fully hosted ecommerce solution you’ll have more time to focus on your running your business, preparing promotional campaigns, and communicating with the customers.

If you want to leave maintenance and tech worries aside and just focus on running your online store online, fully-hosted enterprise ecommerce platforms are a better option for you. They are easier to use, simpler to implement, and more affordable.

Shopify Plus is one of the best fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platforms to consider! Make sure to try it out!