4 Advantages of Fully Hosted Enterprise Ecommerce Platforms

Choosing a fully hosted ecommerce platform for your website is the right thing to do! Here are 4 advantages of fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platforms!


We assume you already know the difference between self-hosted and fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platforms and that you’ve chosen a fully-hosted platform to run your business. We totally support your decision. One of the negative aspects of self-hosted ecommerce platforms is that they require you to have tech skills or web development experience to build an online store, add your items, and start selling. If you aren’t skillful, you will have to hire your own team to help you build the store. This is just a distraction from the main purpose of your business and that is selling products.

On the other side, there are numerous advantages of using a fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platform, however, we’ve decided to share 4 most important ones:

  1. Limited security risks: The platform will take care of all security issues and concerns. We know that this may sound minor to you, however, one security glitch can cost you a lot and threaten your entire business. Remember, having security taken care of is a huge advantage.
  2. Advanced features: The fully hosted enterprise ecommerce platforms come equipped with the latest features. Once you find the right platform, you will discover some incredible features that can help you improve the functionality of the store, get closer to your customers, features that can help you promote your store, and more. This is a total contrast to self-hosted platforms wherein you might wait weeks or months to use new features.
  3. Easy scalability: Considering the fact that the ecommerce service provider is running the code, it accommodates traffic spikes, and offers scalability when needed. This means that if your business grows, your needs will grow as well. But, you have nothing to worry about as the scalable platform can help you upgrade to a better plan to handle the traffic and adapt to the new requirements.
  4. No server worries: This is an obvious benefit. You can choose a plan based on the activity of the store and the size of your business. The best part is that you don’t need to worry about web hosting or servers. The platform will do that for you.

If you are currently using a self-hosted ecommerce platform, you can always migrate to a fully-hosted ecommerce solution.

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